Windows 8 OS Comes with its Own Anti Virus Software Windows Defender

You probably have installed Windows 8 OS and wondering if it has Anti-virus bundled in it ,the answer is Absolutely yes , Windows 8  comes with Windows Defender and it is installed in the following location “C ://Program Files//Windows Defender//MSASCui.exe” .Windows defender is essentially new version of MSE( Microsoft Security Essentials ) used in windows 8 RP .

MSE /Defender is additionally an anti-piracy exploit defense , which can attempt to remove software for cracking genuine programs , specifically Microsoft’s very own brands – it could then frequently update and monitor blacklisted product keys and other “Trojans” which can activate unlicensed software programs – while also defending against other malicious software .

Currently, with virtually every PC on the Internet, with Windows Updates it is a minor matter to provide economical antipiracy options.

Windows Defender is excellent at its job. It stays out of the way, you don’t perhaps know its there unless there’s a problem. It does both anti-virus and anti-malware. It doesn’t examine your email, and it doesn’t check web pages, but it does discover things as they are attempting to install on their own.

If you would like all the bells and whistles you can upgrade, but Windows Defender does an effective job without being too invasive. Windows Defender (previously known as Microsoft Security Essentials) and Smart Screen filter should really be adequate for almost any one, if you do not have very specific needs that both of these don’t already handle.

You can create “Windows Defender” Shortcut in Windows 8 by copying and pasting the following command after clicking new short cut.
If you like , pin to Start screen , you can pin to Taskbar on desktop , add to Quick Launch , assign a keyboard shortcut to it , or even move this shortcut to where you like for convenience .


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