Free Download Windows Defender – Microsoft Security Essentials

If you want to have a free antivirus, then you can get a good one because Microsoft provides the Windows Defender –Microsoft Security Essentials available for default in Windows 8.  If you installed Windows 8 or earlier versions, Windows Defender is included with Windows.  Microsoft has improved Windows Defender +program to include antivirus and anti-malware solution in a package.  In addition, this is free. No additional steps are necessary to protect your computer Windows 8 installation from malicious attacks.

free download windows defenderBy installing Windows Defender, you will gain advantages; that is protection against the latest threats, detection and removal of spyware and security improvements in Internet browsing.  Windows Defender helps protect your system from viruses.  It helps the system and keeps up the protection to its fullest capability.  Windows Defender offers protection in real-time and a monitoring system that recommends actions against spyware when it is seen. These help to maintain productivity and minimize disruptions.

It is a good reason to upgrade to Windows 8.  Windows Defender, which in fact re-brand of Microsoft Security Essentials, is free and comes with Windows 8 by default.  Windows Defender will include all of these features and bundled user interface similar to Microsoft Security Essentials today.


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